Greg Owerczuk's 2004 Volkswagen Gli.
So the Bar Society has an awesome line up of cars. John Nichol's well done 20th Gti, and Greg Owerczuk's 2004 Gli are both very known, and sadly Greg's Gli has joined Rusty Slammington, and i dont think he'll be saved. Greg recently had gotten in an accident, and had totaled his beauty. His 2004 1.8t vw Gli at first glance looks like any Gli slammed on some nice wheels, but not quite. If you take a closer look, he had shaved all rub strips, and lips. Also those rims are very rare, aswell as many other parts on this Gli. To join in on the fun Greg had also swapped some r32 interior, aswell as a decent ammount of plastic work. -Justin. PS: If you have any interior photos, build thread, wheel info, please comment or let me know. Thanks!
More Photos @ http://www.bar-society.com/members/greg-owerczuk/


07/17/2012 06:25

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