BMW 2000cs
Honestly I have never cared really to watch "Shark Week" on Discovery, and i never understood why people love "Shark Week" so much? but these two bimmers are the only real sharks in my mind. Which do u like more better? the 2000cs or the E9?

Stereotypes might not be too off. lol check out the LINK to understand why.
Honda S2000 sitting on steelies @ Tyler Msoner.
Work Meister s1's would be ideal for me; but these sure looks nice on some steelies with a little poke.-Justin


awd Lexus IS 250.Needs to be lower with some poke and camber, but otherwise nice for around here. this would be nice for alittle VIP.-Justin

1970's Buick Skylark @ Cody Jackson.
Photo"chopped" this thing lower.-Justin

Check out this static mk2!
This is personally my favorite dub I've seen. check out Stance:Nation for the rest of the info on this. 

I love how they used mk4 r32's! wonder who owns these now?
Check out this Z/28 Camaro. Not stretched or poking, but sure is mean looking sitting on some fat tires and steelies.

Via: Stance Is Everything & Anton Ngata
VAG Fair '11 is coming up soon!
It's August 13th at the York Fairgrounds in York, PA.

Don't feel like bringing your car?
Spectators are $10 the day of the show. Register and pay just $7.
Bring your VW or AUDI.
$20 per car w/driver. Each passenger will still cost $10. Register and save a few $$. The discount is $15.

12 & under FREE.

send $25.00 paypal to thevagfair@gmail.com with size for T-SHIRT! let them know if you'll be picking them up at the front gate, or want them shipped. 

Few are being made. so order soon!


Ashton Kutcher may be starting on Two and a Half Men this September, but did he make it on these wheels? I think not.

ps: what kind of wheels are these? thanks-Justin